When it becomes night, Valencia gets light

By night the really nice temperatures let the streets and squares come alive and fill the restaurants, tapas bars, coffee houses and ice cream parlours with people and Spanish flair.
The Night becomes a day like liveliness and gives Valencia City its’ unique atmosphere but with the charm of a character fully Spanish small town.
Centre of the nightlife is the quarter Barrio del Carmen in the historical city core. But also other parts of Valencia pulsate with their dance pubs, discotheques or with gastronomic supplies till late at night, like for example the Avenida de Aragón, the Plaza de Cánovas, Plaza Honduras or at the student district around the Avenida de Blasco Ibanez.
Party time till the early hours you will find at the Promenade Paseo Neptuno and along the beaches.






Flamenco in Valencia

As Valencia is one of the biggest European cultural strongholds it offers you many possibilities to live the typical Spanish way of life even if it’s just for a few days.

One big part of Spanish culture is the expressive world of Flamenco. Although Flamenco is an Andalusian and not a Valencian invention, it is Spanish so it sounds through the streets of Valencia and entertains the people in many bars as Pop Music in middle Europe.
If it is a spontaneous performance in the maritime district which has a substantial amount of gypsies (gitanos) or flamenco on the beautiful Valencian promenade, in Valencia you won’t miss the Spanish vitality.
As typical Valencian characteristic the City understands to combine old traditions with modern influences. So you will often find genuine gitanos with impressing Flamenco performances within modern environment.

Although Flamenco is an important part of Valencian Life, there are just a few places for organised Flamenco shows which are really worth to know.

El Toro y la Luna






Dieser 'Restaurant-Club' liegt in der Nähe der nördlichen Strandpromenade Valencias und ermöglicht auf einzigartige Weise die Kombination spanischer Speisen mit Flamenco-Shows. Die Gäste können eines von mehreren Menüs bei spanischen Musikvorführungen genießen. Hierbei werden gleichwohl Instrumente, Gesang und Tanz kombiniert. Im 'El Toro y la Luna' wird von Mittwoch bis Sonntag der Flamenco nicht nur in seiner Reinform präsentiert, sondern auch mit anderen Musikstilen kombiniert und ist ideal für den interessierten Touristen, der einen spanischen Flamenco-Abend mit Castanietten, Tanz und Gesang erleben möchte. ' 'El Toro y la Luna' ist auch ohne Verzehr besuchbar. Wir empfehlen einen Besuch mit Menü an Freitagen oder Samstagen.

La Claca

Within the 2000 years old historic district la Carmen, you will find a vast number of Bars, each with its own character and very special style. One of those bars is La Claca. It is a cosmopolitan nightlife club with an international and more younger public. It offers only on Sundays at an earlier time Flamenco experience with well-known artists. These shows are not for taking part in as it is more a sitting and enjoying of a serious Flamenco show.

Cafe del Duende

One of the most genuine Flamenco places is the Café del Duende. It is a small bar with a cosy atmosphere. The Flamenco is more focused on the Spanish guitar and the voice than on dance parts. Sometimes artists from La Claca and Radio City performed there.

Radio City

In this favoured Valencian club you can enjoy a wide cultural program during the week and celebrate big parties on the weekend.
The visitor can enjoy flamenco-performances on a high level every Tuesday.