Valencia has three different meanings: On one side it is the wide region Valencia, on the other side the middle one of its three provinces as well as it means Valencia City, the capital of the federal state and its province.

The province Valencia is situated in the south east of Spain at the Mediterranean Sea directly in front of the island Ibiza and on the same geographical level as Mallorca. Valencia adjoins the provinces Castellon in the north and Alicante in the south. Valencia consists of a coastal area with fertile soil and a mountainous back country.


Facts and Figures

The region Valencia has nearly 5 m. habitants, half of them live in the province Valencia. The harbour town and province capital Valencia is situated directly at the Mediterranean Sea and at the mouth of the river Turia. Valencia has more than 800.000 habitants and is the third biggest city in Spain.
Valencia has an own airport, an excellent public transport network including a modern underground and train system. Valencia has two universities and about 80.000 students. The town area has about 134,65 sq. km.

The Valencians are speaking Spanish (Castellano) as well as Valiancian, which is accepted as an official language.

Maps of Valencia

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Map of the region Valencia


Map of the province Valencia

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