If you want to let your house or Apartment in Valencia, we’re your competent and reliable partner with a wide service package.

In the course of the renting, we take the correct handover, so we pass the keys to the tenant, do the surrender documentation and check the inventory for completeness and defects.

We only use juristical proved contracts and take over the payment and deposit transactions. On request we do the final cleaning and organise your bedding and towel equipment and also the supply of gas bottles.

All properties have to fulfill our standards without any exceptions. We are only presenting personal proved and visited objects. If you are interested in a good and reliable win-win partnership please contact us. We would be happy to arrange a personal appointment to show you your benefits.

Please inform yourself as follows about our additional service for proprietaries.

Property's care

For the good merchantable quality and condition, so for the value receiving of your property, a constant inspection and maintenance is essential. With this objective, we take care about permanently and temporary rented out property objects and also about unrented objects during their owners absence.

On one side we do the periodical inspection rounds, on the other side we report about the status quo after storms and of course on request.

Against bad smell, we air the house; flush the toilets as well as the sink units in bathrooms and kitchens. We control the occurrences of vermin plus wetness infestations and we also control the energy consumption and dispose the waste.

We clear your letter box and archive your incoming mails or redirect them to you.

Property Management

A property ownership requires among control and maintenance also an ongoing supervision and payment of the house own infrastructure including water, electricity, insurance and other charges. Also when the property is hired out, the rental payment and deposit transaction will be managed.

If it’s your request, the guarantee of the smoothly procedure of all theses tasks is our commission.


We hand over the clean-up and pass it on to our team. We do a through clean-up after renting, aerate and dedust before you or your tenants arrive. Confident you can mandate us to clean and care your rooms including carpets, bolsters and windows.

Garden upkeep

An attractive garden needs an all year round attention and care.

If it has to be a soil care in springtime, fertilisations or measures of plant protection in autumn, if your garden needs plantings of vegetation, hedges cuts, a flowers or shrubs cut back, tree or lawn care, we take these tasks as you desired.

We weed your garden or clear away foliage, scrub and sand and we also take sweep tasks and garden waste disposals.

There are lots of reasons for a continual and individual garden care.

Please contact us if you have comparable needs. We’re looking forward to make you an individual offer.

Pool Service

Mandate us to clean and to take care about your pool. We arrange the cleanness of your pool, measure the water quality, inspect and clean the filtration plant and fill up the pool with water if it’s necessary.
Among other we also take care about equipment to descale the house watering.

Repair Work

If there is a necessity for repair work or little building conversions, we’re able to do this with several projects competent and reliable.

Bigger building projects or extensions to buildings we won’t do.

But if you need someone to instruct and supervise the workmen, we are your right-hand on site. On request we document the progress of your project, if necessary via internet, so that you’re informed as you were on the ground.

Boat Maintenance

We offer a boat service for boats to yachts. We take care of your boat, so we do inspection walkways, verify the leashes and the correct anchor fortification as well as we are aerating the cabin and checking gaskets and electrical connections.

On request we do our rounds after storms end make a report, if damages occurred. We also clean-up the boat deck, windows, carpets and bolsters.

Authority visits and legal advice

If you have to apply a tax number, a residence permit or a vehicle registration, we have the competence to take your authority visits. In a view matters without legally consulting, we will be your support as you desire.

Even if we have a lot of experience in any kinds of consulting, we take the line to deliver you just the best performance you could get. So for your legally matters you should be consulted by specialists.

Meanwhile there are lots of German and English speaking chancelleries in Spain as well as in Germany and England which partially are specialised in property, tax and legacy law and cooperating among them selves.

A list of German speaking lawyers, you can get at the German chamber of commerce for Spain (

If you need a legally consulting in the region Valencia, we’re glad to recommend you a chancellery