Landscape and Nature

After Switzerland, Spain is the most mountainous country of Europe. The landscape has many different characteristics to discover. The Mediterranean Sea with its fine sandy Beaches dunes as well as cliffs, fertile flat country and Mountains with reservoirs and river sources, everyone gets his favorite surroundings or just the right mix.

Good smelling citreous plantations, olive- and almond trees and also a lot of nature reserves offer plenty of relaxing moments within proper Spanish nature. The most famous and world-wide known nature reserve of Valencia is the Nationalpark Albufera.

Albufera offers scenic marshy landscapes and as it is a huge impressive freshwater lake it belongs to one of the biggest and most important wetlands of Spain. The lake has 30.000.000 square meters but is not deeper than 1 to 3 meters and is haunt for over 250 bird species. Furthermore Albufera has a long history as it is one of the first sources for Spanish rice cultivation and suits very well for day trips. You can visit the old fisher houses or take a small fishing boat to get to one of the islands.