Arts and Culture

For interested visitors there are various possibilities to get access to the Valencian arts and culture. Historical buildings, museums and lots of festivities give you an unforgettable insight into arts and culture, country and people.


The 2.000 years old City enthralled with its historical buildings, modern architecture and beautiful gardens. The menu item gives you a selection of Sights.
Furthermore it is possible to take other excursions, like the visitation of the city Sagunto with its castle remains and the amphittheater or a tour through the amazing caves in Valencia.


In addition to the architectonically heritage, Valencia has lots of historical and contemporary arts and culture to offer. So Valencia has got over 9 art galleries and other temporary exhibitions for modern arts, paintings and also photographies. Concerning contemporary arts Valencia has a top position in Spain.

Museum of fine arts Museo de Bellas Artes)

With its collection of early Valencian arts, it is one of the most considerable Spanish museums. They exhibit collections of artists like Velázquez, El Greco and Goya.

Valencian Institution for Modern Arts

Newly constructed building with mainly classic museum galleries thematised the artistic history of development till the seventies. Furthermore you can visit relics of the antiquity city walls.

National Museum for Ceramics and Decorative Arts

The museum is located in the Palace del Marqués de Dos Aguas and has an extensive ceramic collection available including pieces from the Christian era and also from the antiquity as well as Chinese and Japanese arts.

Fallas Museum (Museo Fallero)

This museum exhibits the figures which were spared from fire and more very interesting facts about the history of the Fallas, one of the biggest cultural festivities in Europe.

Museum of Natural Science

As a part of the city of science and arts this huge building is among the IMAX-Cinema, planetarium, aquarium and Music palace absolutely recommendable. The museum gives you a spectacular access by inviting you to participate and trial on 3 floors. Among other, the museum has a Foucaults Pendulum to prove the earth’s rotation.

House of Americas Cup

For the 150th anniversary of the Americas Cup Louis Vitton created an exhibition of the sail tournaments’ development with texts, pictures and video screens at the port of Valencia.

Valencian Museum of Natural History

It is a permanent exhibition about the world of the insects and molluscs characteristic for the country.

Museo del Partiarca

It presents for example a painting collection of the 16th and 17th century.

Among other museums like the archaeological museum or also the Rice Museum, the huge number of Valencian Festivities are part of the cultural discovery journey.