Shopping Facilities

Valencia has famous Street Markets, established shopping streets, shopping malls and modern shopping centres. As important historical hub of commerce and also as modern city, Valencia is suitable for shopping or for just strolling around. On over 20 different weekly markets you have almost daily the chance to look around for antiquities or arts and quests. It’s recommendable to visit the Sunday folk-like peddlers market on the Placa Redonda (Round Square). The typical Market Halls are unmissable. First of all the Mercado Central and the Mercado de Colon with their characteristic Spanish cuisine, cafes, restaurants, arts and quests, florists and of course not least their magnificent art nouveau architecture.

For the purchase of branded article you find shopping streets in the centre of the city or one of about 20 Shopping-Centres and shopping malls of Valencia. A recommended selection with description and website:

  • Centro Comercial Nuevo Centro

Since 1982 existing and established Shopping-Centre in the heard of Valencia. It includes 250 shops and stores.

  • Bonaire Parque Comercial y de Ocio

This “Open-Air-Centre” is one of the 3 biggest shopping centres of south Europe and has an adjoining Factory-Outlet-Centre and a Multiplex-Cinema. The offering is focused on fashion and accessories. The Centre is situated on the western outskirts of Valencia.

  • Centro Comercial El Saler

This 2001 reopened shopping centre has over 140 shops, a multiplex cinema and is situated directly in front of the “city of science and arts”.


Gastronomic Delicacies

The region Valencia tenders quarry, poultry and first of all fish, fresh seafood, many vegetables, almonds, spices and rice. As the biggest arable land for rice, there are lots of rice dishes, like the world famous Valencian dish, Paella. Olives, grapes, citrus fruits and sumptuous desserts complete the spectrum of dishes.

Valencia is also famous as an excellent vine region. Especially the white vines as well as the sweet vine Moscatel Romano. The most famous red vine brands are Monastrell, Bobal, Tempranillo and Garnacha. A typical alcohol less delicacy from Valencia is the Horchata, a milk likely sweet drink as an extraction of ground almonds.


Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine in one of the many various restaurants, tapas bars and cafes. The variety is huge and for all tastes and wallets. Two selected exclusive highlights of Valencian gastronomy:

  • Restaurant Submarino

For an extraordinary experience we recommend you the stay at the gourmet restaurant in the European biggest and most beautiful saltwater aquarium. You’re dining here in 5 meter deepness, surrounded by 42 million litres of seawater and hundreds of fishes.

  • Bodega Casa Montana

For the vine experts, this over 100 years old, traditional and multiple highly distinguished Bodega offers more than 1000 Vine brands. The international recognised Bodega tenders its guests one of the best selected and most completed vine brands of the country. Joined with good Spanish cuisine you’ll have an enjoyment on a high level.

Wellness and Spa

In and around Valencia there are a lot of facilities, for your relaxation and physical well being. If you are searching for more relaxing for body and mind despite of all sunbathing, beach and pool days, there are lots of possibilities.
On one side you have big wellness-complexes with beauty and wellness centres, swimming baths and spa areas. On the other side you have also institutions which are specialized on specific medical uses.
We can recommend you one of the daily programs of the 5 stars Spa-Hotel “Mas de Canicatti”, which is located northerly of Valencia and has a very good restaurant.

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