Hiking and Cycling

For the hiking and cycling friends Valencia is like a paradise with 2500 km beautiful and good signposted hiking and cycling routs trough impressive landscapes and many very historical points. Because of the comfortable Mediterranean temperatures and the not to steep mountain range, Valencia is through out the year good to wander. In Valencia the most beautiful hiking and cycling time is springtime.

Long-Distance Walking Trail GR10

Especially noteworthy is the GR10, which starts at Pucol, 3 km away of the Mediterranean Sea. It goes in 8 stages over 112 km from the orange plantations of the lowlands up to the Aragonian altitudes. The rout leads you upwards to the foothills of Mountain Pico (2020 m). It connects different characteristically villages and 3 architectonic and historic important religious centres. Typical for the GR10 are the landscape varieties of the Mediterranean Mountains as well as the lonesomeness and the long distances.

Green Ways (Vías Verdes)

Whole Spain has 1300 km of the so-called green ways. Theses are former and unused railway lines which were rehashed for walkers and cyclists. The tracks were removed and they mostly furnished the path with solid surface, so that the rout is mainly also for children and handicapped person. For motorised vehicles it is forbidden to use the route. The lines of different lengths (6 – 120 km) lead first of all through worth seeing landscape, tunnels and over viaducts. Posters and signboards along the paths hint at sights and give you historical and cultural backgrounds. www.viasverdes.com

Mountain Hiking and Climbing

The mountainous landscape offers also for mountain hiker and climber terrain of different severities. Detailed information for sportive ambitious people you will find at the alpine sport and climbing association of the region Valencia. www.femecv.com


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