Golfing in Valencia - a Golf region on the fast lane

20 Golf courses for beginners and professionals as well as an all year mild and Mediterranean climate turns Valencia into one of the most attractive golf regions in the world. 5 Golf Courses are situated close to the City Valencia.

There is not only the high golf link quality to emphasise but also the golf courses beauty surrounded by unique and relaxation offering landscapes.

Some of the Valencian Golf Clubs belong to the top ten golf clubs in Europe and the 50 best in the world. They are scene of various Spanish Opens and are held in high esteem by golf stars like Sergio Garcia and local heroes like José Manuel Lara.

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Unique and an absolute must-do for every golf sport fan is the golf club Foressos western of Valencia. It is the only golf course of Spain and probably of whole Europe, which offers its visitors 2 double-greens and on the top a triple-green.

A very special project with its beauty and high quality is for sure the Golf Club El Saler, as it goes directly through the natural preserve Albufera. While playing the holes you will find yourself between pine forests and within dunes where you will have an amazing panoramic view on the beautiful Valencian Mediterranean Sea.

For golf players who cannot wait for the first drive under Spanish sun there is the opportunity to get the first golf experience just after leaving the plain. The Golf Club Manises offers a comfortable 9 hole densely wooded golf course to acclimatize just next to the airport.

Valencia invites to enjoy Golf, the Mediterranean vitality and cultural festivities over the whole year.

We provide you personal chosen and attractive private accommodations like holiday houses and holiday apartments, including properties with direct access to the best golf clubs of the region Valencia. If requested we would be glad to support you with your individual golf and other holiday plans in Valencia.

Get the most important details about Valencian Golf Clubs and inform yourself about locations and addresses by having a look on our Valencia golf map.
A detailed description of the best Valencian Golf courses:

Golf Club el Bosque (Chiva, Valencia - Spain)

  •  General information about the golf-course el Bosque

The El Bosque Golf Club has an all season opened elitist Golf course. Only during the week golf club externs have the opportunity to celebrate high class golf experiences. Within those public days El Bosque offers golf classes for beginners and advanced golfers. To the El Bosque Golf Club belongs a two storied driving range with 35 places, 2 training traps, 2 putting greens as well as 2 chipping areas.

  • Details about the golf-course El Bosque

The Golf Club El Bosque is scene of various Spanish Opens. Its golf course design makes it playable for any kind of golfer. Its over 100 sand traps as well as lot of water hazards and clever arranged tree groves are providing some real difficulties – even for better players and especially at the last tees. Whilst the course often allows a relative week drive, the second stroke has to be a good one as well as the golf club choice. The greens are mainly quite narrow and situated on a higher level.

  • Situacion and surrounding of the golf course El Bosque

The Golf Course El Bosque is surrounded by a typical Valencian landscape with all its hills and pine trees. Right next to the Golf Club you will find some exclusive properties to let and buy. Some of these luxurious apartments and houses have a direct access to the respective golf clubs. We have visited those properties on our own and we keep good relationships to their owners. Details about our special Golf-properties  for renting or buying you get on Renting and Sale.
Der El Bosque is situated close to Valencia City and only 15 minutes by car to the Valencian airport. You also only have to drive 20 minutes to the City centre, to the race track Ricardo Tormo and to the exhibition grounds. You will reach the golf club via A3, the connection between Valencia and Madrid as well as other motorways like the Barcelona and Alicante motorway.

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Golf-course El Saler (El Saler, Valencia - Spain)

  • General information about the golf-course El Saler

This beautiful Golf Club has one of the best and most exceptional Golf Courses of the world and is a real golf attraction. The Golf Club El Saler was chosen as one of the 3 best Golf Courses in Europe and is one of the best 30 worldwide. This Golf Course keeps you in touch with the nature and makes you feel like playing in a nature preserve – and actually you are! It’s hard to find another golf course located in the middle of a nature preserve and with such an amazing view onto woods of pine trees, sandy dunes and the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Details about the golf-course El Saler

The all-season Golf Club El Saler (18 Holes, Par 72, 6468m)  is quite sophisticated and requires a handicap of 36. The El Saler Golf Course is scene of various Spanish Opens. Although the first class fairways are comfortable wide the golfer has just little space for mistakes as there are clever arranged sand traps and a small out-zone. The most difficult part is the 6th hole with a par 4. The curve of the dogleg appears after 404 meters and you have to manage to get onto the green with just two strokes. The golf course is for good golfers with concentration and patience skills.
The golf course El Saler offers multi-lingual training sessions. Two chipping areas, a driving range with 40 driving spaces as well as 2 training traps belong to the Golf Club El Saler.

  • Situacion and surrounding of the golf-course El Saler

The El Saler Golf-Club is located in the middle of the nature preserve Albufera and directly at the Mediterranean Sea. The first 12 holes of the El Saler Golf Course are going through pine woods whilst 6 holes are directly located within the dune landscape of the Valencian coast. The amazing view onto the Mediterranean Sea compensates any difficulties with the rough. From the El-Saler Golf Club it is just 20 km to Valencia.
The El-Saler Golf Club is located between the Lake Albufera and the Mediterranean Sea. You will reach it over the motorway AP7, as well as through Sueca and El Perelló.

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Golf Club Escorpión (Bétera, Valencia - Spain)

  • General Information about the Golf-Club Escorpión

The beautiful scenic Escorpion Golf Club offers three different routes, each with its own tees. This course does not only have championship qualities but also a lovely sight with its 5 lakes, various species of waterfowls and a very well-kept lawn. 


  • Details about the golf-course Escorpión

Dispite the hilly surroundings the course is quite plain and has palms, orange and peach trees wich act as rough. The Valencian golf course offers a few holes even suitable for beginners with some golf experiences. And still there are parts like at hole 5 where a drive with precision is very important as the fairway is bounded by water as well as orange trees. This 72 par golf course offers its visitors in total 27 holes on 3 golf routes: Los Nuevos with par 37, Los Lagos par 35 and La Masia par 36.

  • Situacion and surrounding of the golf-course Escorpión

The Escorpion Golf Club is surrounded by landscape typical hills overgrown with pine woods. The very spacious golf course with lakes and animals as well as the view onto the surrounding hills gives you the feeling like playing golf in a nature preserve.

The Escorpion Golf Course is located at the outskirts of Valencia City an just 15 minutes away from the airport Manises and the city centre.

Click here to get a Google-map of the golf-club Escorpión

The Golf-course Manises (Valencia - Spain)

  • General Information about the Golf-course Manises

The Golf Club Manises is the closest golf course to Valencia City. It is situated directly beside the same-named Valencian airport and is ready for any golf fan who wants to take the opportunity having first drives under Spanish sun just after landing. Basically this 9 hole Golf Course is a quite easy course and offers absolutely the right golf experience for beginners and families with kids. Also the prices are family friendly.

  • Details about the golf-course Manises 

The Golf Club Manises offers training sessions for every age. However there are parts where good golf skills become important as the fairways of the very plain golf course are slim and bounded by high and densely pinewoods. Also many sand traps and a lot of rough need precision. Especially at hole 7th – a quite long par 4 – good golf players can play a birdie. Therefore the second ball has to be good enough to dodge the grove of pine trees and get on the green.  

  • Situacion and surrounding of the Golf-course Manises 

Although the adjoining wood of pine trees catches the most of the airport noises we would suggest for everyone who is searching absolutely calmness and high class golf experiences to visit one of the other golf courses e.g. the Golf Club El Saler. Anyway this golf course convinces with its very good transport connections, the closeness to Valencia City and the low prices. The Manises Golf Course is the right place for people searching for first golf experiences.

The Manises Golf Club is easily accessible via the motorway A3, Valencia-Madrid. After taken the exit Manises Airport keep going in the direction Ribarroja. Directly next to the Airport Manises you will find the Golf Club Manises.

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Der Golfplatz Foressos (Picassent, Valencia - Spanien)

  • Allgemeine Informationen zum Golfplatz Foressos

Der im März 2007 eröffnete Foressos Golf Club ist lediglich 15 Autominuten von Valencia City entfernt und ein einzigartiger Golfplatz der in Spanien und Europa seines Gleichen sucht. Er bietet allen Golf Sport Fans Golf-Vergnügen auf höchstem Neveau mit 2 Doppel-Greens sowie einem Triple Green und besitzt mit 70 Metern Länge am Loch sieben das größte Green Europas. Mit 14 Seen, einem hochklassig gepflegten Golfkurs und Blick auf das Valencia umschließende Gebirge am Horizont bietet er zusätzlich einen wunderschönen Anblick.

  • Details zum Golfplatz Foressos

Der 18 Loch und Par 72 Platz ist mit einem 36iger Handicap für Fortgeschrittene Golfer sowie für Anfänger mit Golf-Erfahrungen. Möchte man sein Golfspiel verbessern ist es möglich private Stunden bei professionellen Lehrern zu buchen. Sollte dies ihr Wunsch sein, helfen wir Ihnen gerne dabei. Mit einer gebuchten Tee Time hat man Zugang zur Driving Range sowie zu den Putting und Chipping Greens. Alle ein bis 2 Wochen wird der Kurs für Wettkämpfe geblockt bei denen man sich mit einem Handicap Zertifikat einfach einschreiben kann. Mit 14 Seen und einer mediterranen Bepflanzung darunter 1500 Palmen sowie 100 Pinien- und Olivenbäumen besitzt der sehr gepflegte und abwechslungsreiche Foressos Golf Kurs alles was das Golferherz begehrt. Der Foressos Golf Platz ist ein Muss für jeden Golf Liebhaber und zieht viele Hobbygolfer an die hier im Urlaub diesen herrlichen Golfplatz regelmäßig auch mit Frau und Kindern genießen.

  • Lage und Umgebung des Golfplatz Foressos

Der Golfplatz liegt wenige Autominuten von Valencia City entfernt nahe bei Picassent südlich von Valencia. Zu erreichen ist das Golf-Areal über der A7-N340 Ausfahrt 886. Halten Sie sich links. Nach der Brücke sehen Sie den Eingang des Foressos Golf Clubs.

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The Golf Club Oliva Nova

  • Allgemeine Informationen zum Golfplatz Oliva Nova

The 50 hectare big Golf Club Oliva Nova is surrounded by high-class properties and adjoins the fine sandy beach from Oliva. The course offers a wide range of stroke variations as it has fairways of different lengths and a clever arranged varying layout. With a slope-rating of 129 the Oliva Nova Golf Club has a quite sophisticated golf course for golfers with good golfing skills. The Course is scene of various official champion chips.

  • Details about the Golf-course Oliva Nova

One of the main characteristics of the 6.312 meters long and 72 par golf course is the high amount of water hazards at 15 of 18 holes. Eight strategically arranged lakes do not only look beautiful but also require a lot of concentration. The whole course is easy to walk-through and offers sufficient shade as it has many trees. The very long and hilly fairways have got three, four and five par holes on left and right curved doglegs so that every type of golfer can show up his golfing skills. If you have a powerful drive at the 5th hole (par 4) you can already reach the green and play a rarely eagle or even an albatross.

  • Situacion and surrounding of the Golf-course Oliva Nova

The Golf Club Oliva Nova is situated directly next to the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by luxury properties. Golfing, beach fun and luxury live cannot be closer than in Oliva Nova. On request we provide all necessary information about local purchase or rental properties.

The Oliva Nova Golf Club is 100 km away from Valencia City and the Alicante Airport. From Madrid you can reach the Oliva Nova Golf Club within 3 hours. How to get to the Oliva Nova Golf Course: Take the AP7 Motorway exit 61 and follow the N 332.

Click here to get a Google-map of the Golf-course Oliva Nova

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