Coast of Mediterranean Sea and Beaches

Valencia is famous for its miles over miles long beaches. Around Valencia City with its fine sandy beach you have several beaches with different conditions and characters to choose from. Northerly of Valencia you find the livelier beaches with a younger public. Southerly of Valencia there are still the more natural and calmer beaches with dune landscapes and pine trees.

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  • Playa Malvarossa

Is about 2.800 meters long (9.200 feets) and 50 m broad and is situated northerly of the port. The fine sandy beach has a long promenade with lots of Restaurants and cafés and is equipped with bathroom installations, showers, telephones, children playgrounds, beach volleyball nets and even with a beach rugby field. The beach is reachable with the tramway and with the bus. There also are very good parking facilities.

  • Playa El Saler

It is honoured with the blue environment flag and is one of the more natural and calmer beaches. It has a great dune landscape and is close to one of the best golf courses in Europe. You can reach this fine sandy and also gritty 6.200 meters long and 35 meters broad beach by car or by bus.

  • Playa Devesa

Is about 5.000 meter long and 35 meters wide and so one of the largest beaches of Valencia. The landscape is characterized by pine forests and dunes. The yellow fine sandy beach is situated in the nature park La Albufera and has mostly moderate wave movements. Kiosks and showers exist in bigger intervals.

  • Playa Alboraya (Port-Sa Playa)

It lies in Port-Sa, which is close to Valencia City and very good equipped. Among others it has ramps for wheelchair user and woodways directly to the water. Also it has a promenade with restaurants and a boat club. Especially in the evenings Port-Sa can be highly recommended. Although it seems unimpressive from outside, Port-Sa suprises with its inside by day and night. It has many waterways, promenads and all in a mediterranean style

  • Playa Canet d'en Berenguer

It is located in the north of Valencia and over 1000 meters long. The Beach distinguish it selves in having a very hight sand quality. Every day he gets maintained with rake machines and is very good equipped. At the promenade there are various restaurants, bars and ice-coffees. For informed local inhabitants this beach is one of the best of all Valencian beaches.

  • Playa Pobla Farnals

This short beach belongs to a small holiday town in the north of Valencia and is very good to reach. Here the guest will find a typical busy Spanish beach promenade with shops and restaurants. Furthermore Pobla Farnals has an own sport boat port.

  • Playa Cabanal-Arenas

About 1200 meters long and is situated northerly of Valencia. The beach is distinguished with the blue environment flag and about 60 meters wide.

  • Playa Pinedo

It is about 1000 meter long and 20 meters wide. It is located at the mouth of the Pinedo in the Turia and it is rich in fish. The beach has fine sand and is often visited by nudists.


There are a lot of more beaches at the Valencian coast, like the beaches of Cullera, Faro or Gandía. For more information please contact us.